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High end VR Developers

DreamoVR is a Virtual Reality production studio specialized in creating world class 360 videos and stunning CG (computer generated) VR immersive experiences, pioneering production techniques aimed to enhance storytelling, craft and quality.


End to end virtual reality deployment

From concepting, 360 film production to CGI VR and distribution on apps and web, we deliver fully fledged virtual reality expertise so to be able to deliver any type of VR related project with maximum achievable quality.


Our approach to 360 filming is based on the usage of the latest virtual reality technologies and the most advanced editing techniques, aiming enhance VR storytelling and provide unbeatable level of quality and craft. From standard 360 filming, to stereoscopic (3D) filming and reproduction, our team of filmmakers is trained to deliver high quality and forward thinking virtual reality output.


Our expert team of CGI (Computer Generated Imaging) designers, is able to create from scratch any virtual world with world class level of detail and quality, generating truly immersive experiences able to create huge impact and emotional response.


The sense of being immersed in the content doesn’t only refer to the visual feedback of virtual reality content, but also to sounds and how they are positioned in virtual space. We are expert at reconstructing spherical harmonics aimed to achieve a complete and realistic 3D sound reconstruction of the virtual environment.


Our team of developers is involved in continuous research aimed to enhance realistic interactivity via innovative gaming engines and virtual reality technologies such as Unity, Unreal Engine and HTC Vive, and the concepting of forward thinking 4D installations, that unite VR productions with additional sensorial integration like vibrations, smell and wind.


Our virtual reality content is meant and concepted with multi-platform approach, allowing digital distribution via Youtube and Facebook 360 players, bespoke iOS and Android applications, publishing on dedicated VR platforms such as Oculus Store, Steam VR and Samsung Gear VR environment, and innovative approach to futuristic virtual reality web development.

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